LEHNE ing. has been managed by Managing Partners Michael Meyn and Stefan Paul since 2008. Together they have promoted active growth of the company and secured the future of the company through innovative, sustainable and personnel-oriented management. They continue to be actively involved in management and handling of the projects. In the summer of 2023, the management team was expanded with Jakob Paul as an additional managing partner and Amelie Atassi as an authorized signatory.

Amelie Atassi

Master of Science

born in 1991. Environmental engineering studies at the Technical University of Braunschweig with a focus on: Water engineering, energy engineering, environmental and resource friendly construction, supply and waste management and transport and infrastructure. Project management and coordination of major projects. Active in the association of consulting engineers.

Jakob Paul

Civil Engineer

born in 1994. Civil and environmental engineering studies at the Technical University of Hamburg and subsequent studies at the Technical University of Dresden with a focus on urban construction and traffic. Member of the Hamburg Chamber of Civil Engineers and the Association of Road and Traffic Engineers Hamburg e.V. and member of the district group Hamburg of the BWK.

Michael Meyn

Civil Engineer

born in 1969, married, three children. Civil engineering studies in Hamburg and additional studies for asphalt technology in Braunschweig. Member and construction submission-authorised engineer in the Hamburg Chamber of Civil Engineers. Furthermore accredited expert for health and safety protection during work in contaminated areas, health and safety protection coordinator in acc. w. the German BaustellV and accredited expert for Güteschutz Kanalbau (quality control).

Stefan Paul

Civil Engineer

born in 1965, married, two children. Environmental engineering studies in Hamburg. Member of the Competition Committee for the Hamburg Chamber of Civil Engineers and the Hamburg Association of Roadworks and Traffic Engineers. Chairman of the Hamburg District Group for BWK – die Umweltingenieure and chairman of the VBI Landesverband Hamburgs.